Learn the art of eyelash extensions from the best at OhWowlash Studio!

In our exclusive training courses, I, Valeriia, your lash guru, will share my passion and expertise in creating stunning lash transformations. From the basics of lash application to advanced techniques like L-curl and volume lashes, you’ll discover the secrets to crafting mesmerizing lash looks. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lash artist, our training will elevate your skills to new heights.

Join us and unleash your inner lash artist, mastering the art of creating enchanting lash designs that leave a lasting impression. Embrace the beauty and confidence that come with mastering the art of eyelash extensions! 💫🌟

Valeriia Tomko

Our courses

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Lash Artist: Basics of Eyelash Extensions

• Fundamental principles of eyelash extensions
• Working with tools and materials
• Single lash extension technique
• Mastering techniques to enhance and shape the eye's appearance
• Utilizing different lash lengths and styles for customized looks
• Access to our exclusive Telegram channel for ongoing support and tips

Lash Artist: Volume Eyelash Extensions

• Fundamentals of volume lash application.
• Creating various volumes and effects.
• Achieving full and lush eyelashes.
• Detailed printed methodical guide for offline learning.

Advanced Eyelash Extensions Course: L and M Curls, Feathering, and Wet Effect

• Understanding L-Curl and its application.
• Creating captivating lash fans using volume lashes.
• Technique for attaching lash fans to natural lashes.
• Comprehensive printed training manual for offline reference.

Skill Refresh: Mastery in Eyelash Extensions

• Advancing lash extension techniques.
• Exploring new trends and lash styles..
• Tips and secrets for achieving the best results..
• Access to our Telegram channel for continuous learning and updates.